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"Generate Unlimited Free Traffic & Page 1 Rankings With Your Own 24x7 Traffic Building Machine"
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Date: Friday, June 21, 2013

Dear Traffic-Starved Marketer,

Are you struggling to generate traffic to your websites?

If you’re like most Internet marketers the answer is YES. It’s the same old story…

You KNOW if you can just get enough traffic
you could make some serious CASH online

So you try some ‘easy’ traffic method you read about or learned in some info product you bought. Maybe it’s:

TrafficJinni Automatically submits your websites to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Tumblr, Diigo, Delicious, Friendfeed, Plurk

Google Adwords
pay per click
traffic exchanges
search engine optimization
ezine ads
Use proxies from your favorite Proxy server
JV partnering
video marketing
article marketing

–but when you try it, it’s not quite as ‘easy’ as it was claimed to be, and it doesn’t get you more than a trickle of visitors to your site. So, you do the only thing that makes sense–

you try ANOTHER traffic method you read about or got in some product you bought

And you go through this same cycle until you come to the ONE realization every marketer has to face

Getting traffic is HARD

The truth is, using the usual methods and tactics generating traffic is NOT easy, and it either costs you a TON of money or an insane amount of time–and even THEN doesn’t usually get you enough to make much money.

I know the feeling–you want to throw your hands up in frustration and shout “I QUIT!”

You were led to believe and told everywhere you look that getting traffic is ‘easy’ yet when you try any of the ‘easy’ methods they get you nowhere but BROKE and frustrated.

But before you give up on your Internet marketing dream and just accept the fact that you need to work a thankless job for a halfwit boss for the rest of your life…let me share this with you.

You’re Very Close To The BREAKTHROUGH
You’ve Been Searching For

The fact that you’ve been through the struggles, that you’ve taken action and tried stuff, and that you understand the key point in marketing…TRAFFIC is the #1 factor in making money online means you have what it takes to be successful online. You have the intangibles. The traits. The drive.

The Only Thing You’re Missing is the Right TOOL

TrafficJinni is a software tool so powerful it can help you generate an UNLIMITED supply of FREE traffic

Starting TODAY, you can generate 100% FREE traffic to as many websites as you want, and do it faster and easier than any other way…

See, search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo decide which websites to put on page 1 based on a number of factors but most important is how much traffic each site has. And page 1 is where all the free traffic is (visitors search Google and see results, and over 90% of the clicks go to websites on page 1!) So…

More Traffic= Higher ranking = Higher Revenue

It’s that simple.

The problem is, building traffic takes a ton of time and work. First you need to find sites you can get traffics from–blogs, directories, social bookmarking sites and others. Then you need to narrow those down to your niche or keywords. Next you need to create and post content–write articles, make videos, create profiles, or post comments. And even after all that unless you got lucky and stumbled upon some “authority sites” in your niche you may need to do this 1,000s of times to get any results at all.

Now that’s a LOT of steps and it can take hours to create even just a few simple traffics. At that speed it will take you a year to get enough traffics to reach page 1 and see any real traffic. Well, that’s old school. Now you can forget all that because…

TrafficJinni does 95% of the work for you and GUARANTEES you
to get maximum traffic

TrafficJinni let’s YOU pick the sites you want to rank and get traffic for, then it then it can ping your site from traffics

And TrafficJinni lets you view the traffic analytics right inside the software with just the click of a button…

Check out these amazing features:

  • Launch the software and start using it in just seconds
  • Add100s or even 1,000s of possible web sites for ANY keyword or niche
  • Start getting traffic for all sites from all over the world
  • Proxies update daily
  • Generate traffic yourself. Also get traffic from our powerful traffic generating server!
  • Use Google analytics built in the software to see traffic analytic for your links
  • Send traffic to your back links. Then from traffics to your site
  • Send links of your sites to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Tumblr, Diigo, Delicious, Friendfeed, Plurk
  • Send links of your sites to a high ranking blog
TrafficJinni will find tons of potential traffic sites for you, show you which ones are high authority sites, and fill in the content for your traffics with a few mouse clicks–it doesn’t get any easier or faster than that! And it will store your info and links too, so you never have to retype or rewrite anything!

And the most important thing is you’re creating REAL, QUALITY, UNIQUE traffic so search engines will LOVE your site and boost you to page 1 in record time! You’ll NEVER worry about getting your sites slapped or de-listed with TrafficJinni.

TrafficJinni does it ALL!

Most “automatic” traffic tools create spammy, low quality links and can get your site slapped or de-listed:

- they just spam bulk comments so most just get deleted and never become traffics
- they post the same content on every site so search engines don’t count those links anyway
- they post to crappy low authority sites – you’d need 100,000 to get anywhere with that
- they only get traffics from 1 type of site which isn’t natural so search engines penalize you

TrafficJinni lets you create REAL, QUALITY, UNIQUE traffics on high authority sites in seconds so you’ll get FREE traffic and never worry about getting slapped or de-listed…

TrafficJinni’s secret is semi-automation! YOU have control but you don’t need to do all the work by hand. THIS is the new generation of traffic–with Google Panda, Penguin, Platypus, or whatever crap names they come up with for updates–the search engines are wiping out sites that try to “trick” them into high rankings. With TrafficJinni you’re building REAL, QUALITY traffics from high authority sites and your links are UNIQUE to you (unlike the software that blasts the same canned content out for 10,000 marketers who are using it)

With TrafficJinni It’s Just 3 Simple Steps…

Choose your keywords then the software works its magic and finds all blogs, article directories, web directories, and social media pages with those keywords AND their Google Pageranks (PR) so you know instantly what sites will give you the most results

Just click the webpages from the results list you want traffics from and the page opens right in the software!

Simply fill in any fields with just a mouse click from name and URL to articles and comments. And you can save up to 10 versions of every field so your trafficing is point-and-click simple yet your traffics will be unique and get your more traffic! And you can even use spintax for even more automatic variations!

(the PRO version of TrafficJinni will even post traffics for you 100% automatically AND check your sites to verify number of traffics for you! Details at checkout…)

TrafficJinni is the LAST traffic Tool You’ll Ever Need

You can see how powerful TrafficJinni is. Using semi-automation is the genius behind it because you will NEVER need another traffic tool. Panda, Penguin, Platypus, or whatever stupid update name Google comes up with next won’t matter because you’re creating REAL traffics that are UNIQUE and the traffics come from a variety of sources–article directories, web directories, blogs, .edu sites, .gov sites, social media and more. And that’s what Google wants–real links from a variety of sources.

Here’s Exactly What You Get…

You get everything you need to build traffics on warp speed and generate a continuous flood of targeted traffic for all of your sites.

You get unlimited access to TrafficJinni and you can use it to generate traffics and traffic for an UNLIMITED number of sites. Software this powerful could easily cost $2,000 and be worth every penny because you get a LIFETIME supply of FREE traffic!

But we want you to benefit, and at that price only a select few could afford it…

So when you order now, you get INSTANT ACCESS to the Members Area where you can download the TrafficJinni software and start using it in just minutes. And you won’t pay close to $2,000.

Order now and get the Full TrafficJinni software package, LIFETIME UNLIMITED license, and full instructional videos for only $1,997 $997

Just $13.99 per month!

NOTE: To use TrafficJinni you need Windows running on your computer or Parallels Desktop 7 if using Mac.

Because TrafficJinni is unique and super powerful, I’m only going to share it with a small number of serious ACTION TAKERS. This offer may be CLOSED down at any time and without notice. We may or may not reopen, so the only way to GUARANTEE you get your hands on this game changing tool is to act NOW

That’s close to $1,000 MORE value for just these 2 bonuses alone! You’ll have every resource you need to build your Internet business and generate unlimited FREE traffic forever. But only if you act NOW…

YES Craig! I want INSTANT ACCESS to your TrafficJinni software so I can create unlimited traffics and drive MASSIVE traffic to all of my sites.

I know I am getting the desktop software app that runs on Windows and if I am using Mac I will need Parallels Desktop 7 to use it :

  TrafficJinni Component VALUE
TrafficJinni UNLIMITED use – generate traffics and traffic for an unlimited number of websites $997
Step by Step Video Training – full video walkthru of how to get the most out of TrafficJinni $297
traffic Bootcamp – full training on trafficing, search engine optimization, and getting FREE traffic from search engines $297
  TOTAL $1,591

Key features:

Traffic with unique ip will be driven to your website.

80-100+ guaranteed daily visits

Unlimited: you will receive constant visits for a whole month with no daily limits

The traffic is Direct and 100% Adsense SAFE

CPA, affiliations, landing pages, blogs, etc are welcome!

Entirely trackable on Analytics

SEO complementary

Custom tracking provided

Extensive customer support

You must act now because limited TrafficJinni packages will ever be sold. By acting now, I understand I get unlimited use for just $1,591


Only $13.99 per month!

After checkout, you get INSTANT ACCESS to TrafficJinni and you can get started in minutes!

Refund Policy

All sales of TrafficJinni are final and are non-refundable. By completing your purchase through PayPal, you agree that you are purchasing digital, non-tangible goods and as such are not entitled to a refund of said goods, regardless of the reason why.

We will, at our discretion, repair or replace any defective scripts, software or other products purchased from us, within a period of 60 days from the date of sale. You can cancel subscription and stop future payment at anytime from paypal. Support for technical problems is available on our Support Page for the lifetime of the product.

Download the software and follow the simple steps to use it and you’ll be creating traffics and getting traffic starting in just minutes!

Your Partner in Success,

P.S. – TrafficJinni is simply the easiest way to generate FREE TRAFFIC and finally start making the money you deserve!